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Northwest Nanotechnology Infrastructure (NNI)

NNI is a collection of fabrication and characterization facilities spanning the University of Washington and Oregon State University. NNI has four main thrusts: Make, Measure, Model, and Mentor - emphasizing advanced nano-research, scalable prototyping, and workforce development.

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Primary University: University of Washington
Affiliated Partner: Oregon State University

Getting Started

  1. Contact the Washington Nanofabrication Facility, the Molecular Analysis Facility, or ATAMI to discuss your project ideas and technology requirements.
  2. You may optionally schedule a visit to meet with one or more staff members in person, to discuss your project and see the facility.
  3. To initiate a project:
    • Complete the registration process on the new user site.  PIs should complete the process before their students begin.
    • Complete and return the appropriate Facility Use Agreement, either UW, or Non-UW. Please note that these agreements must be executed by a legal signature authority for your organization.
    • Optional: Complete the Non-Disclosure Agreement, if required for your project.  Use of the UW pre-approved form will expedite the NDA process.
  4. Complete billing and financial data. 
  5. For each person who will work in the lab, complete the required orientation and wet bench training sessions.

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Included as part of this site are:
Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute (ATAMI)
Materials Synthesis and Characterization Facility (MaSC)
Molecular Analysis Facility (MAF)
Washington Nanofabrication Facility (WNF)

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