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Computation Resources

Modeling and simulation play a key role in enhancing nanoscale fabrication and characterization as they can guide experimental research, drastically reduce the required number of trial and error iterations, and enable more in depth interpretation of the characterization results. Various NNCI sites provide a diverse set of software and hardware resources and capabilities that if made readily accessible can greatly help and even expand the NNCI user community. A collective inventory of modeling and simulation resources and capabilities across NNCI sites will soon be available at nanoHUB.

Software resources include commercial software packages and the latest academic nanoscale modeling and simulation tools. Hardware resources include supercomputers and computing clusters. Development and maintenance of these resources are funded by various sources and as such there may be certain restrictions in terms of who can access and use them. Some of the latest academic tools have not been made publicly available and interested researchers are directed to the scientific papers describing them.

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