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NNCI 2020 Etch Symposium

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the working group held a virtual workshop via Zoom on December 9, 2020. The workshop was very well attended with 35 participants from within and outside of NNCI. The workshop was dedicated to the important topic of chamber conditions and how these conditions can directly affect etch process outcomes such as rate, selectivity, uniformity, and run-to-run consistency. Presentations on various etch processes and associated chamber conditions were given by technical staff from Cornell, Harvard, and Stanford. These include the following (download presentation files):

  1. Chamber wall monitoring and cleaning strategies for Cl2 and HBr based silicon etching (V. Genova, Cornell CNF)
  2. Chamber cleaning and conditioning for Si DRIE (L. Xie, Harvard CNS)
  3. Chamber conditioning for III-V etching (U. Raghuram, Stanford SNF)
  4. Chamber wall monitoring and cleaning strategies for metal etching (V. Genova, Cornell CNF)
  5. Chamber cleaning for diamond etching (L. Xie, Harvard CNS)
  6. Post etch wafer cleaning methods (U. Raghuram, Stanford SNF)

The plan for 2021 is to hold an on-site symposium in October at the University of Pennsylvania. This will be a two day event with invitees from within and outside of NNCI, including a vendor exhibit. The event will be co-organized by members from Cornell, Harvard, Stanford and Penn.

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