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NNCI 2019 Etch Symposium

The 2019 NNCI Etch Symposium, "Novel Nanoscale Etching of Electronic, Photonic, and Quantum Materials", was held at Harvard University, Dec. 6, 2019. Invited speakers included Prof. Federico Capasso (Harvard), Prof. Evelyn Hu (Harvard), Prof. Max Shulaker (MIT), and Dr. Mian Zhang (CEO, Hyperlight, Co.). See the full agenda.

Presentation slides are provided for the following:

Advanced Nanoscale Etching Solutions, Peter Wood, Director (US Operations, Samco, Inc.)

Dry Etching for Diamond Applications, Colin Welch (Oxford Instruments America, Inc.)

Plasma Processes for Wide Bandgap Materials for Power and RF Applications, Steve Vargo (SPTS Tech., Inc., A KLA Company)

Ion Beam Etching, David Lishan (Plasma-Therm LLC)

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