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Nanotechnology Collaborative Infrastructure Southwest (NCI-SW)

The NCI-SW serves as the southwest regional hub of the NNCI, supporting nanoscale science, engineering, and education. We provide broad access to advanced nanofabrication and characterization tools, faculty and staff expertise, and educational opportunities for a diverse community of users.

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Primary University: Arizona State University
Affiliated Partners: Maricopa County Community College, Science Foundation Arizona

NCI-SW Website

Getting Started

  1. Identify the resources you need at the NCI-SW Research Centers web page.
  2. Get in touch with the point of contact listed on the research center Profile page.
  3. Develop a scope of work with the NCI-SW faculty and staff. Both on-site and remote services are available. No formal proposal is required.
  4. If necessary establish a Facilities Use Agreement with ASU.
  5. Begin your project

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Included as part of this site are:
ASU NanoFab
Eyring Materials Center
Peptide Array Core Facility
Solar Power Lab

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