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Based on input from the last NNCI Etch Symposium in December 2019 and recent input from all the sites, an updated NNCI Etch Capabilities listing is available for download

After a very successful 2018 Etch Symposium at Stanford, we are pleased to announce the 2019 NNCI Etch Symposium on December 5-6 at Harvard University.  The theme this year is "Novel Nanoscale Etching of Electronic, Photonic, 2D, and Quantum Based Materials".

NNCI Etch Working Group Members*


V. Genova (
J. Drumheller (
J. Clark (
T. Pennell (


NNCI Etch Workshop (October 2018 at Stanford University)

The 2018 NNCI Etch Symposium will be held at Stanford on October 10-11, organized by Usha Raghuram (Stanford) and Ling Xie (Harvard). The primary objective is to collectively assemble etch personnel from the NNCI sites so that we can create an interactive forum where we can share our knowledge of etch equipment and processes. 

NNCI and non-NNCI members are invited to the 2018 Etch Symposium, Oct. 10-11, 2018 at Stanford University.
Read the full announcement here.

NNCI Etch Workshop (May 2016 at Cornell University)

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