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Research Experience for Undergraduates

NNCI Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program in Nanotechnology

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs are an excellent way for undergraduates to become acquainted with scientific research and graduate student life. REU programs typically consist of an intensive 10 week summer research experience at a university different than your own. Most research centers sponsor REU-like programs as part of their education and outreach efforts.

The NNCI does not offer a network-wide REU program, but many of the NNCI sites conduct their own separate programs and the details for these are listed below. You must apply to each program separately.

The NNCI REU program will have a networked NNCI REU Convocation. The Convocation is an end of program technical conference (2-3 days) held at one of the sites. CNF will host in August 2019. Participants from NNCI REU site programs will travel to Cornell University to present their results in poster and oral formats and network with their peers. This is a wonderful culmination of the research experience. Most NNCI sites listed below will participate in the Convocation. 

All NNCI site REU programs have the following common features:

  • ~10 week research experience
  • An individual focused nanotechnology project with training and support 
  • A stipend of approximately $4000-$5000 (varies by site)
  • Meal plans are provided at SOME sites
  • Housing on campus
  • Paid travel or travel allowance
  • Open to undergraduates who have not graduated by June 2019

Sites may have additional eligibility requirements so please carefully read each program’s information.

The specific technical areas vary by site, but all are within the broad umbrella of "nanotechnology". Projects are available within the broad areas of solid state physics and chemistry, materials science, electronic devices and materials, and biology/biomedical engineering. 

The following programs are confirmed for summer 2019. Click on the site for further information.

Other NNCI sites MAY have programs in summer 2019 pending funding. Information on these additional programs is unlikely to be available before March 2019.

NNCI REU Convocation

NNCI REU Convocation 2017

NNCI REU Convocation 2018


REU Past Participant Check In

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