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REU at Arizona State University (NCI-SW)

NNCI REU Program at Arizona State University

This program will take place at Arizona State University.ASU pic

The Nanotechnology Collaborative Infrastructure Southwest (NCI-SW) at Arizona State University will offer a 2018 REU program for undergraduates from accredited community colleges and universities. Participants will have the opportunity to conduct research under the mentorship of nationally recognized scholars in nanotechnology at Arizona State University. In addition to gaining hands-on research skills and insights into nanotechnology, students will also broaden their knowledge through interaction with peers in a similar, concurrent program focused on solar energy research.

The program will last nine weeks, running from May 30 to July 26, 2018. It culminates with a poster session in which participants present their work to guests from academia and industry. There will also be opportunities for the work to be presented at a technical conference or published in a scientific journal. 

Important Note: the program is confined to students from schools in the southwestern US that are within driving distance to ASU.

Application and additional information:

Application deadline: March 1, 2018

Contact: Raymond Tsui 


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