NNCI: The Next Generation of Shared Nanotechnology Resources

This is the temporary web site of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure. Please check back later for more complete information.


NNCI is a network of open nanotechnology laboratory user facilities, supported by the National Science Foundation. It is the successor to NNIN. Each NNCI site offers user access to a particular set of nanotechnology resources. Please review the individual site pages linked above for more specific information and site contacts.


Update Apri. 1, 2016

NSF has announced that Georgia Tech has been selected as the Coordinating Site for NNCI. General inquiries about NNCI should be directed to the NNCI office at Georgia Tech


Update: Sept 15, 2015

The National Science Foundation has announced the selection of sites for the new National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure.  Awarded as a result of competion under NSF 15-519 , NNCI forms the next generation of shared nanotechnology infrastructure, building upon the sucess of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN)  from 2004-2015. (NNIN operation ended Sept. 1, 2015) . NNCI consists of 16 awards to primary sites,with a total of 22  laboratory and education partners.


NNCI facilities will operate as open shared laboratories enabling access to advanced nanotechnology equipment and expertise across the entire range of nanotechnology applications.                  .


Some NNCI sites are continuations of sites funded under NNIN. Others are new to the shared national network. During the 4th quarter of 2015, all sites will be ramping up to serve users under NNCI. The award for the coordinating site for NNCI will not be made until March 2016. The NNCI coordinating node will establish a permanent NNCI web site with significantly increased functionality. The coordinating node will work with the NNCI sites to braoden the research impact of NNCI through intersite cooperation. . Similarly, the national nanotechnology education program offereings of NNCI will be developed, building upon the resources and programs established by NNIN.


For information or to contact specific NNCI sites, please look under the menu at the top.

Announcements and Events

5th annual Winter School on Responsible Innovation and Social Studies of Emerging Technologies
hosted by The National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure--Applicaton Window no longer open

NNCI Coordination Site Awarded to Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech has been selected to be the coordinating site for NNCI. Amoung their tasks will be to develop a new web site for NNCI.  Press Release



NNCI is supported by 16 individual cooperative agreements from NSF. Links to the specific awards can be found under the Press Reseases and Links tab.

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